A Douglas County Bankruptcy Attorney Can Defend His Client In An Adversary Proceeding

If any party involved in a bankruptcy action chooses to, he may file a separate lawsuit against another interested party to recover damages that he believes he is entitled to.

The bankruptcy trustee for instance, may bring suit if he suspects that the debtor has secretly, and illegally transferred undeclared money, or property, within two years of filing for bankruptcy.

The defendant, and his Douglas County bankruptcy attorney will be made aware of the complaint brought against him, and will be given time to respond. The bankruptcy court judge will then hear arguments, and make a ruling.

The Preliminary Meeting With A Douglas County Bankruptcy Attorney Will Determine Your Option

The first course of action in a bankruptcy strategy is to meet with a Douglas County bankruptcy attorney to discuss the particulars of your case, and decide on which option for filing is right for you.

Once you have settled on a plan, you will need to provide some documentation. The requirements will differ depending on the chapter you choose to file, but your Douglas County bankruptcy attorney will no doubt ask you for a list of your creditors, along with the names of any co-signers listed on your accounts.

Consult With Your Douglas County Bankruptcy Attorney Before Bestowing Any Gifts

Before you file for bankruptcy, notify your Douglas County bankruptcy attorney of any “gifts” you have handed on to a family member, or business associate.

The people close to you are considered “insiders” under the law.  Any discovery of a transfer of funds, or property to an insider within two years of filing may be considered illegal. Some state courts may go back even further to detect any fraudulent transfer.  To be on the safe side, consult your Douglas County bankruptcy attorney before bestowing gifts with a value of over $200.00.

A Douglas County Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Keep Creditors At Bay

Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy, your creditors are legally obliged to stop trying to collect your debt.  If they do not, your Douglas county bankruptcy attorney can see to it that they face hefty fines, or even incarceration.


When a legal “automatic stay” goes into effect, creditors will be officially notified, and restrictions will be in place.  It is also a violation of the law if a creditor threatens the debtor in any way.

Your Douglas county bankruptcy attorney will protect your right to be protected from harassment.