You Will need the Representation of an Aurora CO Law Firm in Probate Court

The representatives of Parker Lawyers know the Colorado probate laws, and how they can affect a will.

The first step of probate is to validate the will, which will be just a formality for your Aurora Co law firm representative. There will then be an inventory of the assets, and a property appraisal done. The inventory is to make sure there are sufficient funds available to meet the intentions of the deceased. If not, some beneficiaries may be disappointed. After all the debts, and taxes are paid by the estate, assets are released to the heirs as stated in the will.

A “personal representative” is customarily named in a will, but if not, the probate court will appoint one. This person will be legally sworn in, and from then on be the responsible authority for the estate.

Your Aurora CO law firm will represent you in probate court, and handle all the paperwork involved in the process. Call to get their help: 303-841-9529.

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