A Parker CO Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Through The Phases

Colorado bankruptcy laws have been established to help you keep most, or at least some, of your assets. There are exceptions, which your Parker CO bankruptcy attorney can explain to you. There are also rules specific to the local jurisdictions in the state, that he will advise you about.

As a rule, you will be allowed to retain limited equity of your home. You may keep automobiles and other vehicles up to a combined value of $3000.00 – $6000.00 if you are elderly, or incapacitated. Other exemptions include some jewelry, clothing, and appliances.

Once you’ve been in contact with a Parker CO bankruptcy attorney, and discussed the details of your finances, you will be in a better position to proceed. He will end the harassment by creditors, have any pending lawsuits put on hold, and prevent the garnishment of your wages, while you move through the many phases that follow a petition for bankruptcy.

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