An Elbert County Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Counsel You On The Ramifications Of Bankruptcy Law

In Bankruptcy, certain assets of the debtor will be “discharged,” meaning that he/she will be relieved from the responsibility for the debt. Once a debt is discharged, creditors are prohibited from any legal action, or personal contact to recover that debt.

There are some debts that generally are not eligible for discharge – child support, personal injury liability, federal student loans, and housing fees, are among them. Dischargeable debt, and how it is managed varies according to the bankruptcy code, and which chapter is filed.

Your Elbert County bankruptcy lawyer can fill you in on all the ramifications of bankruptcy law. When you call for an appointment, he will tell you what pertinent information to bring to your meeting. With all the facts at hand, he can get the ball rolling. Trust in an experienced Elbert County bankruptcy lawyer, call Parker Lawyers: 303-841-9525.

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