Your Douglas County Bankruptcy Attorney Will Work With You Throughout The Process

After you have reviewed your bankruptcy petition with your attorney, and made sure that all the personal information is correct, and that every debt that you owe is listed, the next step is credit counseling. You will either meet with a counselor, or go online for evaluation.

Once your case has been filed, the automatic stay will go into effect, and your creditors will have to stop trying to contact you for collection. The court will appoint a legal trustee to manage your case, then comes a debtor education briefing in financial management strategies.

Work through the steps with your Douglas County bankruptcy attorney there to advise you as you go. Parker Lawyers have the experience necessary to be able to protect your interests through every phase of the bankruptcy process. Give them a call, 303-841-9525, to arrange a consultation, and put your worries to rest knowing that you are being represented by the best Douglas County bankruptcy attorney.

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